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Porta del Sol


Whenever the association board has a meeting, minutes are required to be taken. Minutes also need to be taken at annual meetings or any special meeting of the members. All of these minutes are open to the members.

When taking minutes the only items that need to be written are:

  1. The motion on the floor

  2. The person who made the motion

  3. The person seconded the motion

  4. A synopsis or specific recommendations made in the discussion

    i.e.:  The topic of pool hours discussed. It is not necessary to take down everyone’s conversation or who said what.
  1. Who called for the “Question” (vote) or who “Tabled” the issue

  2. The results of the vote

All votes by the board will be recorded by each individual’s name. This serves two purposes; the members know who voted for what and a board member has some possible legal protection if the majority of the Board, by vote, approved an issue, and a law suite is filed, and one particular board member abstained on the decision, or voted against the decision of the majority of the board.

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